Top 6 Reasons to Outsource Your Real Estate Analyst

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6 Reasons to Outsource Your Real Estate Analyst

  1. Reduce and control fixed costs: Real Estate investors and developers who survived the Great Recession recognize the value of a lean headcount. Outsourcing time-consuming analyst tasks allows for reduced headcount and minimizes fixed costs. A lower cost structure provides protection in the event of an economic contraction.
  2. Reduce employee specific risk: The risks associated with unemployment benefits, health insurance costs, and labor disputes are not applicable to third party services.
  3. Improve leadership focus: Leadership’s highest “return on time” typically does not involve managing teams of analysts. By outsourcing analyst support to an experienced third party, leadership can focus on revenue generation rather than managing employees.
  4. Gain access to world-class capabilities: Why hire one analyst when you can leverage the experience and expertise of a team? Professional third-party analysts leverage institutional-grade underwriting and research knowledge to underwrite deals better.
  5. Free internal resources for other purposes: By shifting the responsibility of creating offering materials and cash flow models from your current team to a third party, staff are given the opportunity to pursue more profitable activities like raising equity and pursuing off-market deals.
  6. Streamline and increase efficiency on time-consuming functions: Most analyst work is time consuming and tedious. By outsourcing these tasks, the team is preserved for more company specific purposes.

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